DIY: Easy Reupholstered Chair Cushion


Do you like my charming new desk chair?

It used to look like this, which made me sad every time I looked at it.
That's a pretty ugly chair.

Since I've been working on giving my office area a much needed facelift, I decided it was time for this chair to get a makeover.

I got rid of the ugly, stained, beige fabric and recovered the seat cushion with a sweet girly fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

Reupholstering sounds difficult, but it was actually really easy.

First I unscrewed the seat from the frame of the chair. The fabric that was currently covering the seat cushion wasn't very thick, so I didn't even bother removing it. 

I situated the cushion on my fabric to figure out what part of the design I wanted on my chair. 
{Look at those gross stains, ew.}

Once I had that figured out, I traced the outline of my cushion with a pencil and cut it out. I left an extra five inches or so all the way around, leaving me with plenty of extra fabric to wrap around the cushion.

Next I flipped over the fabric and my cushion, pulled the fabric taught, and with my staple gun began attaching the fabric. 

You want to be sure that you are pulling the fabric tight while you do this, and that you are carefully working the fabric at corners to avoid any creases. Be patient, this may take a few tries before it looks perfect. 

I had decided to paint my chair white as well, and once that dried I screwed the cushion back into the frame and voila! 
My chic new desk chair. 

This project was so easy, I'm not sure why I waited so long to do it.
I was able to complete it during my little ones nap time, and I'd say that's time well spent. 

It's the little details, like a desk chair, that can make a huge difference in how you feel about your space.


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